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COBB : Plus Saddle

Whether you’re a tri geek, roadie, TT specialist, weekend warrior, or anything in between, you will love the Cobb Plus saddle.  This is our best seller for both male and female riders.  Designed with 10% firmer memory style foam compared to the v-flow to accommodate any size rider, this saddle is sure to provide you with long lasting comfort and substantial pressure relief across any distance bike ride. 


100% UV protection against sun damage, and 100% waterproof protection against foam rot due to sweat loss or rainy days.

 A few notable Pro Riders who choose the Cobb Plus:

*Caroline Steffen   *Aaron Farlow   *Amy Marsh   *Rebekah Keat   *Kate Major   *Mary Beth Ellis   *Michelle Bremer   *Courtney Ogden   

Our Pick!


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