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3T : Ergonova Pro Drop Bar Black

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The Ergonova sets a new standard in comfort riding. The top of the bar is egg-shaped in section - the longer radius provides a wider top surface for the hands. The egg shape rolls through 180 degrees at the bend into the forward extension, placing the palms naturally onto the brake hoods and ergonomic drops. The Ergonova is compatible with clip-on bars - the flat top surface provides excellent support for the forearms to rest on. Rider comfort is optimized in any riding position, at no cost to performance. This compact bar is available in Pro and Team variants and also in a 38 cm width, making it ideal for smaller riders. Ergonova the new standard in ergonomics.

5 Stars - Cycling Plus
Highs: Great Shape and Lightweight
Lows: Nothing
June 2011 

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