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Aztec : Road Plus Brake Blocks

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Replacement Plus compound brake block system for road brakes.

Anodised aluminium alloy pad shoe with built-in pivot system to save weight and make it easier to achieve perfect alignment.

- Brake pad inserts are held in securely with 2 mm Allen-head screws.

- High performance Plus compound gives the best braking performance in all conditions - provides maximum braking power, positive braking feedback and durability.

- CAD tread pattern ensures maximum contact area for consistent braking performance in all weather conditions.


- Proven Aztec groove system helps clear water & dirt from pad surface.

- Replacement Plus pad inserts are available separately.

- Simple slide out and slide in pad replacement.

- Supplied complete with one set of alloy rim compatible pad inserts.

- High performance Plus compound V-brake pads also available.

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