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Campagnolo : Power Torque Cups, Bsa

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In 2007, the Campy Tech Lab revolutionised the bottom bracket concept with the introduction of Ultra Torque technology. For 2011, another amazing solution has been devised for making the mid-range groups even more affordable, while maintaining and, in some cases improving, high level performance features.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Power Torque System.

This time, the axle is in a single piece firmly fixed to the right pedal crank of the crankset. The perfect coupling between central pin and pedal crank is ensured thanks to the particular geometry of the two components; this solution also makes it possible to eliminate the potential play between the different materials.

To make the bottom bracket more efficient, Campagnolo also worked on the inner part. Thanks to an elaborate sequence of thicknesses, it was possible to obtain an incredibly light axle while offering an absolute response in terms of rigidity.

Following a series of studies conducted by the Campy Tech Lab engineers, material was removed in the zones that could be lightened but at the same time the points of maximum stress were strengthened. Only in this way was it possible to achieve such a high technical value.

A careful working out of the dimensions made it possible to maintain the lateral measurements already defined with the "elder brother" Ultra Torque, thus guaranteeing the maximum freedom of movement and reducing the possibility of contact with shoes.

The Campagnolo engineers concentrated on ensuring that installation and servicing would be extremely simple. The most complicated work has been done, so now it's up to you to carry out four simple steps to fit the Power Torque System crankset quickly and with no potential for error.

The right-hand bearing is already locked in the axle in correspondence with the crankset; the other is pre-inserted in the left-hand cup. No special tool is required, and the new crankset is ready to propel you over endless miles.

That's right, because another one of the objectives of the Power Torque System project was prolonged operating resistance. The lab tests were very exacting in this regard. Now it's your turn.

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