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Campagnolo: Centaur R&B Dual Pivot Brakes (Pair)

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CENTAUR(TM) brakes

Have no fear of going too fast.

safe stopping is assured by the new Centaur(TM) brakes with forged arms and characterised by the new black anodising.

In order to achieve even greater efficiency, the brakes are equipped with the possibility of orbital brake-pad adjustment, which up till now was a feature of only the high end of the range.

The braking torque is optimal even with new pads.

SPECIAL COMPOUND: reduction of braking distance on both dry and wet surfaces longer life for brake pad and rim

SPECIAL DESIGN FOR FORGED ALUMINIUM BRAKE ARMS: greater bend resistance, lighter

ALUMINIUM NUTS: less weight

ADJUSTABLE SHOE HOLDERS: shoe holders on rim's profile can be micro adjusted, longer life for rims and brake pads

DUAL PIVOT FRONT/REAR VERSION: enhanced rear braking

The weight is 310 g.

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