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COBB: V Flow Saddle

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With the use of a Form Sensor Aray TekScan unit, Cobb was able to plot the exact skin pressure points over the areas that male riders use. In high performance road bikes or triathlon bikes, there is a large difference in seating positions when compared to recreational bikes. In the case of a triathlon bike, the rider is rotated much more forward, riding on a completely different part of the pelvis area. The VFlow range of seats is designed for this type of performance riding. The narrow rear section is especially great at relieving pressure from the hamstring muscle and the upper adductors. These pressure points are two of the leading causes of leg cramps and lower back pain.

By analyzing the pressure points and listening to riders' input, Cobb came up with a saddle that greatly increases rider comfort. Men need room for their upper legs to be able to swing further back on the saddle, especially while riding on aero bars or on the drops. Seats that have a wide rear area force the rider to move forward on the narrow nose of the seat, which is not comfortable and leads to very high Perineal nerve bundle area stress. Cobb’s testing showed that the proper seat shape and width offer the support and comfort needed for high mileage, comfortable cycling. Another area that promotes better rider comfort is the exclusive “V” notch in the rear of the seat cut out area. This functions as an air scoop, bringing moisture relief to the center seating area.

John Cobb is Internationally famous for his work with cyclists in wind tunnels. He has spent time developing the bottom side of these saddles to help guide the air to help the cyclist with more comfort. Keeping the riders’ chamois dry greatly reduces saddle sores and seat rashes. The internal base of the seat is another innovative area that helps cradle the rider for further relief of lower back stress. The swayback design gently holds the rider’s torso so that he or she doesn’t constantly slide forward and back on the seat. As the rider pedals with more pressure, the VFlow cradle gives a front support zone that the rider can pull against for increased power. One has to be comfortable to go fast and to go very far. The VFlow saddle helps with both speed and comfort.

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