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Continental: Grand Prix 4 Season DuraSkin Vectran Tyre

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Redefining the perfect All-Weather performance tyre, the Grand Prix 4 Season delivers reliable security and sure-footed grip, whatever the conditions.

Ultra-fine polyamide casing for supple all day performance.

MaxGrip Silica tread compound is specifically optimised for wet weather grip even in low temperatures.

DuraSkin polyamide mesh layer fabric on sidewalls protects the casing against cuts, punctures and abrasion whilst only adding 10 grams per tyre.

Double Vectran breaker belt under the tread offers unbeatable levels of puncture protection.

With the formidable combination of DuraSkin and state of the art Vectran, the cut/puncture resistance of this winter tyre is raised to the highest possible level, without compromising on weight, grip, feedback and feel.

Constructed from 6 plies, totalling 330 tpi.

Weight: 230 grams for the 700 x 25C version.

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