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DEDA : RHM 01 Bar White

RHM - Rapid Hand Movement: The new shape for modern cycling. Deda Elementi presents the RHM (Rapid Hand Movement) concept, a handlebar designed to aid and accelerate hand position changes, from the Flats to the Drops.

Extremely shallow drop, especially designed for riders with a high out of saddle position. Indeed, Deda design allows gripping the handlebars in the low position even while pedalling with the saddle high up, with obvious advantages in terms of thrust power and steering precision.

Very compact reach, perfect for modern brake/gear controls. The patented, multi-position, Continuous Incremental Radius design over comes the limitations of the anatomical shape, which has just one natural position.

RHM Rapid Hand Movement geometry, round cross-section. Cold drawn light alloy 6061, double butted.

  • Width: 38/40/42/44/46cm (outside to outside).
  • Clamp diameter: 31.7 mm.
  • Finish: black polished,white or red.
  • Weight: 304g (42 cm).

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