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Kryptonite: Kryptoflex 1565 Resettable Combo Cable with bracket (15 mm x 65 cm)

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A better cable security in low to moderate crime areas.

15 mm braided steel cable and 61 cm long.

Resettable integrated 4-digit combination lock.

Indexed number dials click into place for virtually error-free combination setting.

Braided steel strands add density and strength, increases cut resistance.

Reinforced lock head construction with Talon lock pin retention system provides extra holding power.

Pick and drill resistant disc style cylinder keyway with dual sliding weather guards that automatically close.

Lock head rotates 360 degrees for easier handling during lock-up and removal.

Includes secure EZ-Multifit bracket: the most versatile system for large tube frames and shapes.

Hook and loop retention strap for extra stability during transport.

Durable and vinyl coated.


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