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Lezyne : HP Drive

Designed for high pressure, low volume applications
Lathe-turned aluminum barrel with non-slip texture grip
Oversized aluminum piston
Overlapping nylon handle increases stroke, decreases size
Reversible Presta/Schrader hose stows inside handle when not
in use
120psi/8.27 bar max
Small - 79g
Medium - 88g
Colours; Black and White

Year 5 V2

The greatest value HP hand pump equipped with
the versatile ABS Flex Hose. The pump barrel and
shaft are made of lathe-turned aluminum with
Composite Matrix handle and end caps. The HP
design allows pump to reach riding pressure with
30% fewer strokes compared to conventional
pumps. The overlapping handle and barrel are
integrated into a compact design. Comes with a
Composite Matrix frame pump mount.

SMALL: 170mm | 79g
MEDIUM: 216mm | 88g

MAX: 120psi | 8.3bar
COLORS: High-Polish Silver, High-Polish Black

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