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Lezyne Micro Caddy Sml White

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The Lezyne Micro Caddy is a compact, aero shaped Caddy that tucks close under the saddle, attaching to the rails with a wide Velcro and nylon band for a secure and vibration free connection without the need of a post strap. 

The labeled cycling-specific organizational pockets keep all accessories in place. 

It is made of durable woven nylon fabrics, a water resistant zipper, and reflective logo and stripes that aid rider visibility. 

An easily accessible, external multi-tool compartment allows for quick adjustments. It is available in two sizes (M and S).

WEIGHT : S 80g | M 90g
DIMENSIONS : S 140x55x55mm | M 145x55x80mm
CARGO : S 13.7in³ | 0.23L / M24.4in³ | 0.40L

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