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Look : Keo Power Pedals

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In 1982 Polar launched the first ever wireless heart rate monitor, in 1984 Look launched the first widely used clipless pedal system. Now these two leaders in their fields have come together to enhance your training.

The Keo Power system is the first power measurement pedal system and it brings with it a whole host of features. Accurate power and cadence measurement thanks to the 8 gauges of measurement from each axle, this also gives you left and right power distribution to help improve your cycling technique.

Key Features

  • Optimise your training, maximise your performance.
  • All the benefits of the Keo pedal system and the benefits of the Polar training computer.
  • Keo Power allows experienced cyclists to improve their pedalling technique.
  • Gives instant feedback by measuring accurate power output in watts.
  • Full wireless system.
  • The Keo Power possesses all the characteristics of a Keo pedal.
  • Stainless steel platform creates a more stable area for the cleat apply power.
  • The Keo Power is compatible with the majority of bicycles on the market and very easy to move from one bike to another.
  • Easy installation and automatic calibration when the system starts up.
  • Compatible with: POLAR CS500, CS600 and CS600X computers.
  • Includes: Pedals, cleats, transmitters. Polar CS600X.

The Look Keo Power system has a two year guarantee against manufactures defects.

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