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RITCHEY : Comp Logic Curve Bar Wet White

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COMP level components are designed to bring competition worthy components down to a price that everyone can handle. You wont find carbon here, but you will find the kind of performance and reliability you expect from Ritchey.

Made from 6061 T-6 Alloy
Fixed shallow decreasing radius bend (Compact at 128mm)
Allows comfort in drops when using a short headset stack
31.8 OS clamp section for improved stiffness and durability
Widths Available in 40cm, 42cm & 44cm
Drop 128mm
Reach 73mm
Matte white finish
300g Weight

Ritchey Road Handlebars
Like Ritchey stems, our handlebar offering is unrivaled, providing performance for every type and level of rider. Reach, drop, sweep, ergonomics and where applicable aerodynamics are optimized for each individual series. With the introduction of our Logic II line, individual characteristics are customized for each model for unprecedented fit. High modulus carbon fiber enables us to further refine the performance and functionality of our designs, adding sweep and shaped tops that mesh with the natural orientation of arms and wrists, relieving stress and providing ergonomic support for the palms and heels of your hands. The new superlight WCS Carbon EvolutionSL is a benchmark in carbon bar design, combining unsurpassed ergonomics, strength and light weight.

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