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Rotor : 3D+ BB30 Road Compact 110mm Cranks 475grms (172.5)

ROTOR has developed a specific BBRight & BB30 crankset based on its successful 3D crank, to be the perfect complement for CERVELO's project california RS frame wieghing in at a stunning 650grms!! yet 100% compatible with any BB30 or classic BSA threaded frame using ROTOR BSA30mm BB Cups.

The Cervelo test teams four stage protocol for product development starts in ROTORs labs and test jigs, this data is then presented to the team engineers who verify the data and compare with current known figures.
Then the Cervelo team mechanics install it and the riders use it in training and provide extensive feedback for a substantial amount of mileage. The forth level is then the race utilisation through the test teams. An additional factor of user friendliness is applied which when completed  marks the official launch and production.
Utilizing the Trinity Drilling Process, an extruded aluminum bar is intricately CNC machined at the ROTOR Factory. The result is a unique triple hollow crank arm that enables ROTOR’s engineers to remove the excess aluminum in the core while still maintaining the structural strength of the crank. 
Innovations include a high precision bearing Pre-load adjustability through a fine thread compression lockring.
3D+ BB30 Axle is compatible with:

-Cervelo BBRight specification,
-BB30 frames 68mm width,
-Classic threaded frames (using the NEW ROTOR BSA threaded 30mm bearing cups),

Weight 475grms (170mm)

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