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Northwave: Venus SBS Shoes

The Venus raises the bar for sport level road shoes with an impressive palette of features from higher up the Northwave range. A ventilated upper with the SBS closure provides a secure fit while NRG carbon reinforced sole gives excellent power transfer. Features of the Venus include:

Polyurethane upper with Airmesh inserts

Women's specific last shape

Airflow ventilation

SBS buckle closure

Omega Heel

Performance Advanced footbed

Carbon Reinforced Sole

Cleats - 3 Bolt Look Type



ST 5:6 NRG Carbon reinforced sole

A stiff and light weight sole made from a polyamide matrix with fibreglass and carbon reinforcements for enhanced power transfer under pressure.

S.B.S. (Step By Step) is an innovative micrometric system that ensures precise and stable closure. Pressure on the instep strap can be released and easily controlled "step by step", even when racing.

Performance Advanced Footbed

An ergonomically designed arch support for optimum comfort and positioning when pedalling.

Omega Heel

The omega heel provides excellent security and maximum protection combined with the advantage of low weight. The rigid profile stabilizes the heel even under sprints and hard efforts. The rear air vents allow heat to escape for comfort.

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